“AAM - The African solution for African airlines”

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The way the airline is marketed is often not given the attention that it deserves, yet in itself good marketing can mean the difference between operating profitably or running at a loss.

The marketing effort can be split into three distinct areas :-

  • Attracting passengers
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction retention and customer loyalty
  • Maintaining Travel Agent loyalty and support

Obviously most African airlines cannot afford the huge amount of advertising spent by the major international airlines. This does not mean that these airlines cannot market themselves effectively and affordably if they get to understand their target market.

AAM offers a full marketing consulting service to assist you, from strategy development to implementation of marketing activities on behalf of clients to produce measurable results and positive return on investment of marketing spend.

It is often said that it is 5 times more expensive to gain a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. However retaining passengers and creating loyalty to the airline requires a strong understanding of passenger needs and some form of measurement as to how well these needs are being met. Customer satisfaction is everything if you want passengers to fly with you repeatedly rather than with your opposition.

We can provide the right strategies and the tools to measure ongoing customer satisfaction.

For many clients in other parts of Africa, we also represent them as the GSA in the retail travel trade within in South Africa.

Using a highly experienced sales team we have strong relationships with most of the retail trade and can continually keep the names and products of their clients in front of travel agent consultants. We also negotiate over ride commissions on our clients behalf, send out marketing communications, special offers, timetables, route changes or additions, and generally give our client a strong presence in the South African market.


"AAM - The African solution for African airlines"


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